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case studies

Our network that works smarter, not harder.

Perhaps the best way to learn how XimpleIT can help your business or organization is to hear from others we’ve helped. Each featured client came to us with unique challenges and needs. We applied our process to give them solutions and efficiencies to meet their goals.
Ramos Law

Low risk, high impact growth.

A solid IT structure gave this small business the ability to expand.
Gateway Logistics

Integrating with corporate technology.

A local franchise needed an easy way to interact with headquarter’s existing systems.
Eye Logic

Making IT understandable.

Outsourcing IT with us let the business owner focus less on technology, and more on her customers.
Griffith Centers

Doing more with less.

We help this non-profit stay up and running 24/7/365 on a budget that gives them more flexibility to help their clients.
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