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Integrating with
corporate technology.

Help Desk
Your team needs access when tech goes down. Save time and leave the troubleshooting to the experts.
Cyber security is at the top of the list for many companies. Let us give it our full attention.
Scan Global
What does your company do?
Think of Scan Global Logistics as a travel agent for heavy weight cargo. We are a freight forwarder, managing the logistics to move cargo from one place to another, nationally or internationally.
What are the primary ways you utilize technology in your company?
The logistics operations technology is provided by Scan Global, so our needs focus on functions related to our individual office and integrating that with the corporate technology.
  • Phone
  • Office software
  • Employee management
What was the initial issue that brought you to the door of XimpleIT?
Our corporate office used Google mail the corporate level. Our local office was operating on MS software. Juan suggested a solution that would integrate Google mail with Outlook for a seamless email experience. We implemented the program through XimpleIT and have worked with them on many projects since.
What XimpleIT services (or consultative advice) have you utilized over the course of your relationship?
XimpleIT has provided support for our phone system, equipment maintenance, printers and conference room hardware. They have also helped with our unique need to locally integrate new employee on-boarding. We’ve also worked with them on operational considerations, forms, and they provide easily accessible remote help desk support.
How has your relationship with XimpleIT impacted your company and/or your bottom line the most?
Juan and his team are masters of problem solving and offer different options for those solutions. They keep us calm if we call in a panic. They are responsive and level-headed. Having XimpleIT’s help desk accessibility is a game changer. They are able to respond quickly, which ultimately results in less downtime. That’s an important benefit in our fast-moving business.
What 3-5 words do you think best describe XimpleIT?
  • Responsive
  • Innovative
  • Very pleasant people to deal with
  • Really good PROACTIVE follow-up

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