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griffith centers
What does your company do?
Griffith Centers is a non-profit providing mental health and behavioral health services to promote hope and healing for under-served populations, supporting children, adults, and families across Colorado. Our services range from specialized schools and foster care; to outpatient mental and behavioral services; to substance abuse and residential treatment programs.
What are the primary ways you utilize technology in your company?
  • Computer hardware
  • Phone systems
  • Collaboration infrastructure
  • Software solutions
What was the initial issue that brought you to the door of XimpleIT?
We were looking for a change from our current IT provider. We needed to expand the services and scope of operations for the future growth and were given an excellent recommendation of XimpleIT by a vendor we were currently utilizing. We have been working with them ever since.
What XimpleIT services (or consultative advice) have you utilized over the course of your relationship?
We have many functions of our organization so Griffith Centers has worked with XimpleIT on a diverse array of projects and implementations. They have helped us with background checks and coverage, compliance, scheduling and telehealth. They also help ensure efficient office operations by providing hardware tracking and inventory, finding leasing solutions for office equipment like copiers as well as Internet services.
How has your relationship with XimpleIT impacted your company and/or your bottom line the most?
It’s as simple as this. XimpleIT keeps us up and running. This is critical because Griffith Centers is a 24/7/365 company. We used to be ‘down’ 20% of the time. Our staff was literally unable to access records, input services requests or reports – essentially they weren’t able to do their jobs. Now, we are up and running 99% of the time. It makes a huge difference for the organization, our staff, and our clients. Not only that, but Griffith Centers has a small operating budget. Juan and his team work hard to find solutions so we are able to do more with less, making the resources to help our clients go farther.
What 3-5 words do you think best describe XimpleIT?
  • Find solutions
  • Supportive
  • Teacher – provides thorough and patient, hands-on instruction
  • Great sense of humor

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