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Low risk, high impact growth.

We can help with new hire technology training to get your team up to speed as quickly as possible.
Your technology strategy is part of your governing principles. We can assist with the tech intersection with your operations.
Leverage Existing IT
You’ve made significant investments in your tech stack. Let us help you get the most out of them.
ramos law
What does your company do?
We are a personal injury law firm. Our top attorneys also have expert medical experience and training, allowing us to have a unique understanding of your injuries and to effectively explain them to insurance companies, adjusters, and juries.
What are the primary ways you utilize technology in your company?
  • Computer hardware, including pricing
  • Office set-up
  • Software solutions
  • Employee on-boarding
  • Instituting policy and procedure
  • Secure information
What was the initial issue that brought you to the door of XimpleIT?

I inherited XimpleIT as a vendor when I took over as CEO 6 years ago. Not sure what brought the two organizations together initially, but I have been thrilled with the relationship.

What XimpleIT services (or consultative advice) have you utilized over the course of your relationship?
  • On-boarding
  • IT systems implementation
  • Office/communication software
  • Pricing hardware, software
  • Assisting with policy and procedure implementation
How has your relationship with XimpleIT impacted your company and/or your bottom line the most?
  • “Juan is extremely security oriented. We need that given the nature of our business.”
  •  “By providing structure.  Being small, you can get by without structure, but as you grow, you need structure in place in order to handle the growth without negative impacts.”
  • “We are starting to use XimpleIT for everything, especially as we look to expand our business.”
What 3-5 words do you think best describe XimpleIT?
  • Knowledgeable
  • Helpful
  • Caring
  • Available

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We help this non-profit stay up and running 24/7/365 on a budget that gives them more flexibility to help their clients.

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